Christmas Tree Farm

Where tradition meets evergreen beauty!

2023 Prices and FAQ's

We will shake and bale your tree for you for FREE. We also have rope for you to tie your tree to your vehicle. If you need assistance, please let us know. 

*Saws are available for you to borrow. Always know you have the option to have one of our employees cut down your tree, BUT do realize when we are busy, there could be wait times. We do NOT allow chainsaws due to the liability of someone getting injured.

*prices and availability are subject to change*

2023 Wreath FAQ


November 24, 2023       10 -4:30PM

November 25, 2023       10 -4:30PM 

November 26, 2023       12 -4:30PM

December 2, 2023          10 -4:30PM

December 3, 2023          12 -4:30PM

December 9, 2023          10 -4:30PM  

For questions contact

Larissa Smith at or 330.417.1468